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I'm a South African-born artist who spent 14 years very happily living in Connemara in Ireland. Presently I live and work on the coast in Brittany in France - also very happily - painting, teaching and designing. I travel to Ireland as much as I can, with the intention of returning there one day.

I'm only really happy when a major part of my life is spent painting .... it's a compulsion and a joy, with each painting making me feel like an actor about to go on stage. The buzz of preparation and rehearsal is shortly followed by a sense of stage fright in case I mess up (and I often do!), followed by a fantastic sense of achievement and pleasure when I finally clean my brushes and palette knives and lay the painting out to dry.

I paint my passions and always endeavour to capture the energy of each subject with a sense of freedom and zest.

I hope the pages on this website ... and the items I have to offer ... give you loads of joy!

I constantly remove all images of paintings which have been SOLD in order to give you a more efficient journey through my website.

And ... of course ... it's a work in progress with more, and new, paintings being added constantly.

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Lynda Cookson
Bretagne, France


"Tulips and Gypsophila"