I'm a South African-born artist who spent 14 years in Connemara in Ireland. Presently I live and work on the coast in Brittany in France. I travel to Ireland as much as I can, with the intention of returning there one day.


I am honoured to have been invited by Kyo Fine Art Gallery in Washington DC to join their stable of artists.

Their Grand Opening Night is set for the end of May 2018 in Washington DC. Each artist has submitted an artwork relevant to the theme of "Resist and Recover".

"For Faith and Country" a diptyche, is my personal contribution, submitted together with creative words by South African writer Gary Scott.

My inspiration is the harsh and raw reality of the farm murders taking place in South Africa, my homeland.

"For Faith and Country" by Lynda Cookson

Lynda Cookson
Bretagne, France